Alison Brown

Thesis submitted

Brown, Alison 2019
progress :In Progress

Host Organisation

United Kingdom Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Primary Supervisor

Dr Amy Pickard (CEH)


Dr Adrian Bass (Glasgow University)

Thesis Title

Greenhouse gas emissions from human-impacted rivers – identifying ‘hotspots’ from source-to-sea, their drivers and stability.


A. M. Brown, A. M. Bass, U. Skiba, J. M. MacDonald, A. E. Pickard 5 2022 ‘Urban landscapes and legacy industry provide hotspots for riverine greenhouse gases: A source-to-sea study of the River Clyde’, Water Research 236 , doi:

A. M. Brown, A. M. Bass, A. E. Pickard 1 2022 ‘Anthropogenic-estuarine interactions cause disproportionate greenhouse gas production: A review of the evidence base’, Marine Pollution Bulletin 174 , doi: