Amy White

Amy White

Host Organisation

Durham University

Primary Supervisor

Prof. Ann MacLarnon (Durham University)

Thesis Title

Adaptation to an anthropogenic habitat: Integrated modelling of ecological and physiological impacts on chacma baboons


A. T. L. Allan, L. R. LaBarge, C. Howlett, A. L. Bailey, B. Jones, Z. Mason, T. Pinfield, F. Schröder, A. Whitaker, A. F. White, H. Wilkinson, R. A. Hill 8 2022 ‘Patterns of predation and meat-eating by chacma baboons in an Afromontane environment’, Folia Primatologica 94 (1), 1-24, doi:

A. T. L. Allan, A. F. White, R. A. Hill 5 2022 ‘Intolerant baboons avoid observer proximity, creating biased inter-individual association patterns’, Scientific Reports 12 (1), doi: