Annabelle Foster

Thesis submitted

Foster, Annabelle 2019 2
progress :In Progress

Host Organisation

Durham University

Primary Supervisor

Dr Fabian Wadsworth (Durham University)


Dr Dan Barfod (Glasgow University), Dr Madeleine Humphreys (Durham University)

Thesis Title

Degassing mechanisms in silicic magmas


H. E. Unwin, H. Tuffen, F. B. Wadsworth, E. R. Phillips, M. R. James, A. Foster, S. Kolzenburg, J. M. Castro and L. A. Porritt 04 2023 ‘The exposed Mule Creek vent deposits record the structure of a volcanic conduit during a hybrid explosive–effusive eruption’, Bulletin of Volcanology 85 (5), doi:

F. B. Wadsworth, E. W. Llewellin, J. M. Castro, H. Tuffen, C. I. Schipper, J. E. Gardner, J. Vasseur, A. Foster, D. E. Damby, I. M. McIntosh, S. Boettcher, H. E. Unwin, M. J. Heap, J. I. Farquharson, D. B. Dingwell, K. Iacovino, R. Paisley, C. Jones and J. Whattam 12 2022 ‘A reappraisal of explosive–effusive silicic eruption dynamics: syn-eruptive assembly of lava from the products of cryptic fragmentation’, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 432 , doi: