Ben Walton

Thesis submitted

Ben Walton
progress :In Progress

Host Organisation

Durham University

Primary Supervisor

Prof Russell Hill (Durham University)


Prof Daniel Nettle (Newcastle University)

Thesis Title

The dynamics of crop-foraging by chacma baboons on commercial farms in South Africa


B. J. Walton, L. J. Findlay, R. A. Hill 4 2022 ‘Camera traps and guard observations as an alternative to researcher observation for studying anthropogenic foraging’, Ecology and Evolution 12 (4), doi:

B. J. Walton, L. J. Findlay, R. A. Hill 1 2021 ‘Insights into short‐ and long‐term crop‐foraging strategies in a chacma baboon (Papio ursinus) from GPS and accelerometer data’, Ecology and evolution 11 (2), 990-1001, doi:

B. Walton, A. Kershenbaum 10 2019 ‘Heterospecific recognition of referential alarm calls in two species of lemur’, Bioacoustics 28 (6), 592-603, doi:

B. Walton, R. Baxter 9 2019 ‘Antipredator response of free-roaming Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea) with implications for responsible wildlife tourism in the Seychelles islands’, Phelsuma 27 , 1-9, doi: