Ethan Lee

Thesis submitted

progress :In Progress

Host Organisation

Newcastle University

Primary Supervisor

Prof Neil Ross (Newcastle University)


Prof Stewart Jamieson (Durham University), Prof Andrew Henderson (Newcastle University), Prof Andy Russell (Newcastle University), Dr Derek Fabel (Glasgow University)

Thesis Title

Glacial history of the tropical Andes, Peru


E. Lee, A. C. G. Henderson, A. J. Russell, S. S. R. Jamieson, D. Fabel 4 2022 ‘Palaeoglaciation in the Low Latitude, Low Elevation Tropical Andes, Northern Peru’, Frontiers in Earth Science 10 , doi:

E. Lee, J. L. Carrivick, D. J. Quincey, S. J. Cook, W. H. M. James, L. E. Brown 12 2021 ‘Accelerated mass loss of Himalayan glaciers since the Little Ice Age’, Scientific Reports 11 , doi: