Giuseppe Orlando

Thesis submitted

Giuseppe Orlando2
progress :In Progress

Host Organisation

Glasgow University

Primary Supervisor

Dr Davide Dominoni (Glasgow University)


Dr Maria Bogdanova (UKCEH), Dr Luca Nelli (Glasgow University)

Thesis Title

Time, light and sound: nocturnal predators in landscapes of the Anthropocene


G. Orlando, D. Chamberlain 5 2023 ‘Tawny Owl Strix aluco Distribution in the Urban Landscape: The Effect of Habitat, Noise and Light Pollution’, Acta Ornithologica 57 (2), doi:

G. Orlando, A. Passarotto, C. Morosinotto, K. Ahola, T. Karstinen, J. E. Brommer, K. Koskenpato, P. Karell 7 2023 ‘Changes in over-winter prey availability, rather than winter climate, are associated with a long-term decline in a northern Tawny Owl population’, Journal of Ornithology 165 , 57-67, doi:

G. Orlando, A. Varesio, D. Chamberlain 9 2020 ‘Field evaluation for playback surveys: species-specific detection probabilities and distance estimation errors in a nocturnal bird community’, Bird Study 68 (1), 78-87, doi: