Maciej Stetkiewicz

Thesis submitted

progress :In Progress

Host Organisation

Heriot Watt University

Primary Supervisor

Dr. Ian Pattison (Heriot Watt University)


Dr Alan Law (Stirling University)

CASE Partner

Forth Rivers Trust

Thesis Title

Quantifying the Synergies and Trade-Offs of Nature Based Solutions for flood and drought management and biodiversity restoration


B. Hancock, W. (B.) Andersen, F. Calmels, J. Collier, A. Cunsolo, J. Dawson, S. Darling, G. Flowers, M. Gamberg, A. Perrin, G. Healey, B. Horton, C. Howard, S. Irlbacher-Fox, J. Johnstone, E. Labrecque, L. Loseto, R. MacNeill, K. McTavish, J. Middleton, P. Pfeifer, J. Snook, L. Staples, M. Stetkiewicz, C. Wong 1 2022 ‘Northern Canada; Chapter 6 in Canada in a Changing Climate: Regional Perspectives Report’, Regional Perspectives , doi: