Mads Anderson


Host Organisation

British Antarctic Survey

Primary Supervisor

Dr Katrin Linse (BAS)

Thesis Title

Importance of trophodynamics and functional traits in the structure of macrobenthic Southern Ocean shelf communities under methane seepage influence


M. P.B.C. Anderson, C. H. Davies, R. S. Eriksen 7 2022 ‘Latitudinal variation, and potential ecological indicator species, in the dinoflagellate genus Tripos along 110°E in the south-east Indian Ocean’, Deep Sea Research Part II Topical Studies in Oceanography 203 , doi:

M. P. B. C. Anderson, P. B. Fenberg, H. J. Griffiths, K. Linse 12 2020 ‘Macrobenthic Mollusca of the Prince Gustav Channel, Eastern Antarctic Peninsula: An Area Undergoing Colonisation’, Frontiers in Marine Science 8 , doi: