Malte Froemchen

Thesis submitted

Malte Froemchen

Host Organisation

Durham University

Primary Supervisor

Prof Ken McCaffrey (Durham University)


Prof Mark Allen (Durham University)

Thesis Title

Structural Inheritance in active and ancient extensional regimes


T. B. Phillips, J. B. Naliboff, K. J. W. McCaffrey, S. Pan, J. van Hunen, M. Froemchen 4 2023 ‘The influence of crustal strength on rift geometry and development – insights from 3D numerical modelling’, Solid Earth 14 (4), 369-388, doi:

M. Froemchen, K. J. W. McCaffrey, M. B. Allen, J. van Hunen, T. B. Phillips, Y. Xu 11 2023 ‘Geomorphic expressions of active rifting reflect the role of structural inheritance: A new model for the evolution of the Shanxi Rift, North China’, Solid Earth , doi: