Nicholas Strowbridge

Thesis submitted

Nic Strowbridge2
progress :In Progress

Host Organisation

Glasgow University

Primary Supervisor

Prof Kathryn Elmer (Glasgow University)


Prof Mike Ritchie (St Andrews University)

Thesis Title

Genetic and transcriptomic mechanisms of amphibian colour and pattern in the natural environment


M. L. Earhart, T. S. Blanchard, P. R. Morrison, N. Strowbridge, R. J. Penman, C. J. Brauner, P. M. Schulte, D. W. Baker 5 2023 ‘Identification of upper thermal thresholds during development in the endangered Nechako white sturgeon with management implications for a regulated river’, Conservation Physiology 11 (1), doi:

M. L. Earhart, T. S. Blanchard, N. Strowbridge, R. Sheena, C. McMaster, B. Staples, C. J. Brauner, D. W. Baker, P. M. Schulte 9 2023 ‘Heatwave resilience of juvenile white sturgeon is associated with epigenetic and transcriptional alterations’, Scientific Reports 13 , doi:

M. L. Earhart, T. S. Blanchard, N. Strowbridge, W. S. Bugg, P. M. Schulte 6 2022 ‘Gene expression and latitudinal variation in the stress response in Fundulus heteroclitus’, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 268 , doi:

N. Strowbridge, S. L. Northrup, M. L. Earhart, T. S. Blanchard, P. M. Schulte 12 2021 ‘Acute measures of upper thermal and hypoxia tolerance are not reliable predictors of mortality following environmental challenges in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)’, Conservation Physiology 9 (1), doi: