Patrick Cook

Patrick Cook

Host Organisation

Stirling University

Primary Supervisor

Prof. Nigel Willby (Stirling University)

Thesis Title

From farmland to wildland: an ecological journey


P. Cook, D. Alder, L. Hordley, S. E. Newson, D. Pengelly 6 2023 ‘Seeing the wood for the trees, irregular silviculture supports bat populations in conifer plantations’, Forest Ecology and Management 544 (1894), doi:

G. M. Tordoff, E. B. Dennis, R. Fox, P. M. Cook, T. M. Davis, D. Blumgart, N. A. D. Bourn 7 2022 ‘Inconsistent results from trait-based analyses of moth trends point to complex drivers of change’, Biodiversity and Conservation 31 (12), 2999-3018, doi:

P. Cook, J. E. Hawes, J. V. Campos-Silva, C. A. Peres 1 2021 ‘Human-wildlife conflicts with crocodilians, cetaceans and otters in the tropics and subtropics’, PeerJ 9 (5), doi:

P. M. Cook, G. M. Tordoff, T. M. Davis, M. S. Parsons, E. B. Dennis, R. Fox, M. S. Botham, N. A. D. Bourn 3 2021 ‘Traits data for the butterflies and macro‐moths of Great Britain and Ireland’, Ecology 103 (5), doi: