Peter Stewart

Thesis submitted

Peter Stewart

Host Organisation

Durham University

Primary Supervisor

Dr Wayne Dawson (Durham University)


Prof Mark Whittingham (Newcastle University), Prof Philip Stephens (Durham University), Prof Russell Hill (Durham University)

Thesis Title

Impacts of invasive Opuntia cacti on wild mammals in Kenya.


P. S. Stewart, P. A. Stephens, R. A. Hill, M. J. Whittingham, W. Dawson 3 2023 ‘Model selection in occupancy models: inference versus prediction’, Ecology 104 (3), doi:

H. B. M. Wells, R. D. Crego, J. M. Alston, S. K. Ndung'u, L. M. Khasoha, C. G. Reed, A. A. Hassan, S. Kurukura, J. Ekadeli, M. Namoni, P. S. Stewart, D. M. Kimuyu, A. A. Wolf, T. P. Young, T. R. Kartzinel, T. M. Palmer, J. R. Goheen, R. M. Pringle 1 2023 ‘Wild herbivores enhance resistance to invasion by exotic cacti in an African savanna’, Journal of Ecology 111 (1), 33-44, doi:

P. S. Stewart, Alke Voskamp, L. Santini, M. F. Biber, A. J. M. Devenish, C. Hof, S. G. Willis, J. A. Tobias 3 2022 ‘Global impacts of climate change on avian functional diversity’, Ecology Letters 25 (3), 673-685, doi:

P. S. Stewart, R. A. Hill, P. A. Stephens, M. J. Whittingham, W. Dawson 4 2021 ‘Impacts of invasive plants on animal behaviour’, Ecology Letters 24 (4), 891–907, doi: