Savanna van Mesdag

Thesis submitted

Savanna van Mesdag

Host Organisation

Glasgow University

Primary Supervisor

Dr John MacDonald (Glasgow University)


Prof Alistair Jump (Stirling University)

Thesis Title

Anthropogenic biodiversity and geodiversity – can legacy industrial waste help offset falling global biodiversity?


S. N. K. van Mesdag 12 2023 ‘Plant biodiversity on different post-industrial anthropogenic substrate sites in the United Kingdom Funding -IAPETUS2 Mineral Species Indicator Value P value’, BES 2023 , doi:

S. van Mesdag, Z. Johanson, K. Trinajstic 10 2023 ‘The pelvic girdle in Millerosteus minor and other Devonian arthrodiran placoderms’, SVP 2023 , doi:

J. R. Downie, R. B. Weddle, S. N. K. van Mesdag 1 2023 ‘The Glasgow Natural History Society Brownfield Biodiversity Conference, June 2022: origins, organisation, experience and proceedings’, The Glasgow Naturalist 28 , 38-41, doi:

S.N.K. van Mesdag 1 2022 ‘Anthropogenic biodiversity and geodiversity: investigating the potential for legacy anthropogenic substrate sites to help offset falling global biodiversity’, The Glasgow Naturalist 28 , 77-81, doi:

S. N. K. van Mesdag, J. den Blaauwen, M. N. Dean, Z. Johanson 7 2020 ‘Hyperossification in the vertebral column of Devonian placoderm fishes (Arthrodira)’, Journal of Verterbrate Paleontology 40 (1), doi: