Sonam Rinzin

Sonam Rinzin

Host Organisation

Newcastle University

Primary Supervisor

Dr. Stuart Dunning (Newcastle University)

Thesis Title

Hazard cascades initiated by landslides sourced above glaciers and glacial lakes


S. Rinzin, G. Zhang, A. Satta, S. Wangchuk, S. K. Allen, S. Dunning, M. Peng 4 2023 ‘GLOF Hazard, Exposure, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment of Potentially Dangerous Glacial Lakes in the Bhutan Himalaya’, Journal of Hydrology 619 (11), doi:

S. Rinzin, G. Zhang, S. Wangchuk 10 2021 ‘Glacial Lake Area Change and Potential Outburst Flood Hazard Assessment in the Bhutan Himalaya’, Frontiers in Earth 9 , doi: