Freya Alldred’s Placement Report

Placement Location

Antarctica (West Antarctic Peninsula)

Placement Dates

Start Date : November 10, 2023
End Date : December 15, 2023


I spent 5-weeks in the West Antarctic Peninsula to collect macroalgae, water, sediments, and rocks for nitrogen isotope analysis. I was successful in collecting 9 samples of the species Himantothallus grandifolius, many water samples and smaller macroalgae species from the upper shoreline. These samples will aid in understanding the nitrogen cycle on the Antarctic Peninsula and if large macroalgae specimens such as Himantothallus grandifolius can be used to trace long term nitrogen trends.

I was part of the Science Team on the vessel Viking Polaris: an expedition cruise ship designed to showcase scientific research to guests. I gained invaluable experience of scientific communication and the challenges of working in a remote location onboard a ship. I participated in multiple scientific projects alongside my own such as releasing Weather Balloons, sampling Phytoplankton, and using BRUVS to monitor fish populations. This was an incredible opportunity to experience Antarctica, the wildlife and as well as using scientific equipment such as an underwater ROV collect macroalgae at depth.