Hazel Cooley’s Placement Report

Placement Location

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)

Placement Dates

Start Date : March 1, 2022
End Date : May 31, 2022


My placement with POST is still one of the best things I have done as part of my PhD. As a UKRI-funded environmental fellow, and later a contracted consultant, I compiled two impartial peer reviewed briefings (POSTnotes) on controversial topics outside of my field of expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed this work, which included researching unfamiliar topics and rapidly acquiring specialist knowledge using a range of sources, before interviewing a variety of Government, NGO, and industry stakeholders. I then consolidated the large amount of information into a digestible format, and ultimately translated academic science into a briefing that was both impartial, and accessible to parliamentarians. It was incredibly rewarding work and I would highly recommend a fellowship with POST.