Student Conferences

The annual IAPETUS student conference offers our students an opportunity to come together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Student Conferences

The annual IAPETUS student conference offers our students an opportunity to come together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere to present their research and practice their conference skills.

Your postgraduate student application needs to specify clearly that you wish to be considered for an IAPETUS2 studentship and state the research project (s) that you wish to be considered for, quoting the relevant IAPETUS2 project references where possible. Although prospective students are encouraged to explore opportunities across the partnership, they may only finally be considered for an IAPETUS2 studentship for one project. After 10th January 2020, any prospective student who has made an application for more than one IAPETUS2 project will be contacted by email and asked to confirm which one of the projects they wish to be considered for.

Held at a different venue each year, the conference is organised by the IAPETUS students with a theme of their choice. Featuring student talks and presentations from DTP partners and connected organisations, as well as breakout discussion sessions, the conference is an opportunity for students and staff to hear the wide range of research being undertaken across the DTP and its partner organisations.

2019 Conference

The 2019 Conference will be held at the University of Glasgow from the 7th to the 10th May. The event will give IAPETUS students the opportunity to practice their presentation and networking skills in a friendly and informal atmosphere. The programme includes Oral, Placement and Poster presentations.

For more, see the 2019 Conference Abstract Booklet.

Past Conferences

The 2016 conference was held in Mallorca in May, allowing the first and second cohorts of students to meet each other again, report progress in their projects, gain training in science communication skills and, not least, see something of the environmental sciences represented by sites on the island.

IAPETUS2 is only able to consider applications from Home/European Union candidates. International candidates are not eligible to be considered and where an candidate from another EU country has not been resident in the UK for 3 years or more prior to the commencement of their studies with IAPETUS2, they will only be eligible for a fees-only studentship.

The 2016 IAPETUS Student Conference was held in Mallorca over May 4-8, and was expanded from a normal conference into a combination of a workshop, fieldtrip and planning session – allowing both cohorts the opportunity to shape the direction of IAPETUS. The 2014 cohort of PhD students gave talks at IMEDEA (Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies), while the 2015 cohort summarised their work in a poster session held on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. All of the presentations were peer-reviewed by the other students on the trip, and by a mentoring team drawn from partner universities of St Andrews, Glasgow and Durham. The time was rounded out by field excursions to sites of environmental and Earth Sciences interest around Mallorca. Two of the students took the chance to visit local research institutes, as well as IMEDEA itself (