Prior to starting my PhD, I studied at the University of Edinburgh where I obtained a BSc honours degree in Geology and an interest in the processes governing precious metal mineralization.

My research is focused on the Cononish deposit, a gold and silver mine situated in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland. Gold and silver at Cononish are hosted by sulphide minerals in a large quartz vein that cuts the deformed rocks of the Beinn Chuirn Munro. Owned by my CASE partners Scotgold Resources, Cononish is set to become the first ever commercial Scottish gold mine. However, the fundamental controls on the formation of these precious metals are poorly understood.

My research will start with first-principle structural and petrographic observations, and progress to in-depth isotopic and lithogeochemical analyses of fluid inclusions, gold-bearing mineralogies and country rock.

The main objectives of this research are to enhance gold and silver recovery, constrain the origin of ore-forming fluid and minimise the environmental impact as Cononish transitions from prospect to mine. These will have positive implications for both the success of future exploration and the socio-economic longevity of mining in the region.